Swiss Color Base Pigment 105 Dark Magenta 10 ml

105 Dark Magenta lze přidat s mírou pro ztmavení barev pro pigmentaci rtů a pro dosažení větší hloubky pigmentů. Ve vzácných případech lze 105 Dark Magenta přidat v nepatrných množstvích pro směsi na obočí.

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Swiss Color Base Pigment 105 Dark Magenta 10 ml

Detailní popis produktu

The Base pigments have been developed to create an almost endless range of shades by mixing them with all other Swiss Color® pigments.

  • Dark magenta
  • Pigment for permanent make-up treatment
  • For darkening lip colors
  • Gives pigments more depth
  • REACH compatible and ECHA compliant

Beautiful lips are for kissing! Lips become particularly beautiful when they are individually adapted to the skin tone of the wearer.

For this you can use the Swiss Color Base Pigment in the color 105 Dark Magenta , because it refines all lip pigments . Dark Magenta is a dark pink that darkens other pigments and adds depth to the color. Since the color is quite intense, a small amount of pigment should be used here.

If necessary, you can even change eyebrow colors with Dark Magenta, but you should make sure that you only work with small amounts . Gradually you can achieve the perfect color.

Dark Magenta is one of 5 Swiss Color Base pigments that are all used to customize PMU colors.