Swiss Color Lip Pigment 401 Soft Coral 10 ml

401 Soft Coral je elegantní odstín s růžově žlutým podtónem. Ideální pro přirozený výraz rtů.

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Swiss Color Lip Pigment 401 Soft Coral 10 ml

Detailní popis produktu

  • Soft coral
  • Creamy PMU pigment for the lips
  • For natural results
  • Mainly for light skin types
  • ECHA and REACH compliant

Indescribably beautiful! Swiss Color 's PMU pigment 401 Soft Coral achieves the most natural and delicate results on the lips .

The soft coral color has pink and yellow undertones and suits fair skin types best . Applied to the lips, it does not emphasize the mouth too much, but gives it expression in a natural way .

The Swiss Color colors do not contain any iron oxide and are therefore particularly well tolerated. In addition, they have the perfect, creamy consistency for problem-free and fast pigmentation. If required, the permanent make-up colors can be wonderfully mixed with each other to create individual shades.

All 31 Swiss Color pigments comply with the REACH regulation that came into force on January 4th, 2022 and are therefore ECHA -compliant and REACH-compatible .