Swiss Color Lip Pigment 403 Passion Berry 10 ml

403 Passion Berry je teplá růžová barva s jemným studeným podtónem pro jasnou barvu rtů. Zvláštností této pigmentové barvy je, že ji lze použít univerzálně na jakýkoli typ pleti.

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Swiss Color Lip Pigment 403 Passion Berry 10 ml

Detailní popis produktu

  • Berry pink
  • Iron oxide free pigment
  • For delicate lip PMU
  • Suits all skin types
  • Complies with the REACH regulation

The permanent make-up color 403 Passion Berry promises pure passion – a beautiful, light pink.

The special thing about 403 Passion Berry is its versatility . Depending on the skin tone, the berry color appears cool or warm. It adapts perfectly to the natural skin color and therefore suits both light and dark skin types. With this practical property, the pretty PMU color should not be missing in any collection.

The Swiss Color pigments are easy to work with and do not contain any iron oxide . In addition, you can mix all the colors with each other to create individual color nuances. There are 5 special correction colors and 7 additional lip pigments available for this purpose.