Swiss Color Lip Pigment 405 Sweet Plum 10 ml

405 Sweet Plum je tmavá hnědočervená s purpurovým podtónem, díky kterému rty vypadají sytě a intenzivně rudé.

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Swiss Color Lip Pigment 405 Sweet Plum 10 ml

Detailní popis produktu

  • Brown-red with pink undertones
  • For rich and intense lip PMU
  • Particularly suitable for warm skin types
  • Mixable with all Swiss Color pigments
  • 1 of 8 lip pigments


As sweet as that first bite out of a juicy plum, this is PMU lip color 405 Sweet Plum!

The lip pigment from Swiss Color is a muted brown-red with a pink undertone , which makes the lips shine in a natural and rich red . Sweet Plum is best suited for warm, olive and dark skin types .

To customize the color, you can mix it with any of the 7 other lip pigments . For even more personal color selection, you have 5 correction colors available, with which you can perfectly adapt the nuance to the customer.

All 31 Swiss Color pigments comply with the REACH regulation that came into force on January 4th, 2022 and are therefore ECHA compliant and REACH compatible .