Swiss Color Lip Pigment 407 Soft Terra 10 ml

407 Soft Terra je pudrová, teplá barva na rty se žlutými podtóny.

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Swiss Color Lip Pigment 407 Soft Terra 10 ml

Detailní popis produktu

  • PMU color for the lips
  • Warm terracotta color
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Suitable for mixing with other lip pigments
  • Without iron oxides and heavy metals

The shade 407 Soft Terra from the famous Swiss Color brand is a soft, warm-toned terracotta that brightens pale, cool-toned lips and restores radiance to the face. The pigment penetrates the skin easily, making treatment in this sensitive area even easier. The pigments in the Lip Pigment series can be mixed together to create customized colors and fulfill all your customers' wishes!